Aruba Zero Trust and SASE Security

Aruba built-in Zero Trust and SASE security ensures that the same access controls applied to campus or branch networks, also extend to the home or remote worker across wired, wireless, and WAN connections.

Key benefits of Zero Trust and SASE Security

No one vendor or solution will deliver all the protection your organization needs. But, starting with strong, built-in network security means you have a head start on implementing a Zero Trust or SASE framework.

Know what’s on your network

With Aruba ClearPass Device Insight, you can eliminate blind spots and see everything on your network—from traditional devices like tablets and laptops, to the increasingly diverse set of IoT devices.

Role-based access privileges and network segmentation

Once connected, ensure IT and security teams can operationalize the principles of identity-based access control on any network—wired, wireless, WAN, remote, campus, and branch—using Aruba Dynamic Segmentation.

Access policies that map to business priorities

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager allows you to centrally create role-based policies that enable teams to monitor and enforce how users and devices access IT resources, regardless of location, method of connectivity, or time-of-day.

Firewall at the Edge eliminates VLAN fatigue

Aruba’s Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) runs on Aruba network infrastructure. It is a Layer 7 stateful firewall that enforces access policies defined by ClearPass Policy Manager, which means that access to IT resources is determined by identity and role and not by how the network is configured (VLANs).

Identity-based access control in the WAN enhances SASE

With identity awareness extended to the WAN edge via SD-Branch and EdgeConnect, the same access policies that apply to the LAN now extend to the cloud.

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