The future of everywhere connectivity with Wi-Fi 7 and private 5G

Reliable wireless connectivity everywhere

Get fast, secure, everywhere wireless connectivity with private 5G and Wi-Fi 7—managed from a simplified, AI-powered networking platform that’s built for the future.

Pervasive wireless connectivity for your most challenging use cases

Enterprises want to make it easier to deliver wireless everywhere for every use case, while simultaneously cutting network complexity. By leveraging a unified management for wireless technologies that integrates private 5G and Wi-Fi 7, companies can eliminate siloed management and deliver secure, high-speed connectively everywhere—from carpeted spaces to outdoor places.

Deliver consistent high-performance, seamless, and secure connectivity

Benefit from secure, simplified, and efficient operations with unified cloud-based management that includes new Wi-Fi 7 access points and private 5G.

Ensure reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for applications that demand high bandwidth

Extend visibility, control, and connectivity to IoT devices and applications with built-in AP support for BLE, Zigbee, and USB-port extensions.

Support wide areas and extremely low latency use cases

Deliver secure wireless connectivity where it’s never gone before, with private 5G that is managed just like Wi-Fi.

The future of everywhere connectivity: Wi-Fi 7 and private 5G

Get anywhere, everywhere wireless connectivity with always-on, always-reliable Wi-Fi 7 and private 5G designed for enterprise. Provide high-bandwidth wireless everywhere your enterprise demands while enhancing security, reducing network complexity, and simplifying management with HPE Aruba Networking AI-powered networking.

Optimize wireless connectivity at the edge

Augment purpose-built Wi-Fi solutions with private 5G to meet challenging enterprise use cases and provide and secure mission-critical connectivity everywhere.

Improve Wi-Fi for demanding use cases

Deploy access points that deliver top performance, increased capacity, and AIOps across all users and IoT devices.

Deliver wider-area coverage and high-speed mobility

Leverage a comprehensive private 5G solution that supports the ability to interconnect with Wi-Fi, wired, and SD-WAN.

eBook: Guide to Wi-Fi 7 and private 5G basics

Guide to Wi-Fi 7 and private 5G basics

For years, the conversation around Wi-Fi and private 5G was adversarial as both vied to best meet the needs of the enterprise. However, with recent technological advances and the benefit of more real-world experience, the discussion has shifted dramatically. Read this eBook to discover how Wi-Fi and private cellular work together to deliver pervasive wireless.

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