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Create a crowd-pleasing public venue that captivates your fans. Dazzle them with video instant replay, in-seat food and beverage, mobile point-of-sale, and more. All powered by Aruba ESP.

Today’s fans expect premier experiences

It’s important to keep fans happy and engaged by delivering experiences that delight them. Exceed their expectations while meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow with venues that connect, protect, and automate operations at the edge.
  • Explore and understand fans’ tastes, motivations, and activities by using network analytics and data.
  • Boost the fan experience — the heart of venue operations — with personalization, interaction, and engagement.
  • Ensure visitor and staff health safety through real-time location monitoring and contract tracing.
  • Explore untapped areas of the sport. What happens off the field can be as important as what fans see on the field.

Wow your fans

Seamlessly move your visitors to your venue network

Seamlessly move your visitors to your venue network

The first step to fan engagement is connecting them to the venue network.? Aruba Air Pass extends cellular coverage automatically to the event network — no captive portals, usernames, or passwords are required.

Change the game with Wi-Fi 6E and 6 GHz

Change the game with Wi-Fi 6E and 6 GHz

Video replay, connected fans, and smart venue systems are demanding. Ensure great connectivity and capacity to keep visitors happy and get the most out of your network.

Keep guests engaged during their visit

Keep guests engaged during their visit

Entice them with mobile apps that offer push-notifications with exclusive discounts on things they like to buy.

Secure devices, application data, and IoT

Secure devices, application data, and IoT

Smart venues don’t have to be a security risk. Ensure full visibility, control, and enforcement with Zero Trust and SASE, for every device, every fan, and every network.

Texas Rangers deliver an immersive fan experience with Aruba ESP

“Our network serves as the nervous system for a large public venue that is chockfull of electronic sensors and controls. Aruba’s solutions have enabled us to engineer the equivalent of a living, breathing facility, while minimizing IT and back office overhead by giving us an intelligent, automated networking infrastructure.”

Michael Bullock, Vice President of IT, Texas Rangers

Disney creates magical experiences for guests with seamless technology

Evhen Farmiga of The Walt Disney Company discusses the importance of invisible technology for immersive guest experiences.

Driving fan loyalty on Warriors Ground

Read how the Golden State Warriors partnered with HPE and Aruba to build engagement, safety, and excitement into the Chase Center fan experience.

Drive new use cases and accelerate innovation with proven partnerships

Our ArubaEdge partners share our vision of integrated solutions for mobile and IoT innovation to help you gain a competitive edge. Learn how to leverage your network to go beyond connectivity, delivering premier experiences and new business outcomes.

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  • Keep guests engaged and on the edge of their seats with always-on connectivity
  • Provide smart, simple, and scalable network solutions to ensure fans don’t miss a beat

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