Retail networking solutions

Is your network ready for Retail at the Edge? Enable amazing digital experiences from edge to cloud with a network that’s secure, agile, and autonomous.

Deliver exceptional experiences for demanding shoppers

Aruba can help you meet those demands and address competitive pressures with leading-edge technology.
  • We can help enable digital transformation to drive new services.
  • We can help you deliver smart digital shopping, in-store and out.
  • We can help you adapt to COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic expectations.
  • We can help you provide convenient and safe shopper and staff experiences.

Key benefits of Aruba retail solutions

Discover why businesses like yours look to us for smarter, more flexible networks.

Reliable connectivity for all

Poor in-store connectivity can lead to shopper abandonment. Associates and customers need immediate access to inventory and speedy frictionless checkout services. With Aruba’s robust networking — you can keep everyone connected and happy.

Predictable and secure network infrastructure

Build a predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect to enable amazing retail digital experiences from edge to cloud.

Centralized Management for all stores

Manage hundreds of locations with one solution. Discover how Aruba Central can help you improve operations, deliver services faster, and enhance shopping — all while relieving the burden on IT.

Shopper Insights

Bridge the physical and digital gaps with Aruba location analytics. Collect and analyze the WLAN and mobile devices to understand in-store buying patterns and provide helpful contextual assistance based on location.?

Transforming consumer experience through cloud-native, AI-enabled and data-centric network services

For consumers and tenants to enjoy the best access to Wi-Fi and digital services, Landsec refreshed the network at 12 shopping centers. Learn how? Landsec provides seamless roaming and access for customers while developing richer insights on consumer behavior.

Delivering 5-star customer experience and operational excellence

Lush assures performance and uptime for critical payment system and digital apps leveraging the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.

Merge the physical with the digital

Looking to offer customers convenience, choice, and safety in a difficult time? Learn how Tractor Supply, the largest rural lifestyle supplier in the United States, leaned on Aruba and Theatro to make that happen.

Drive new use cases and accelerate innovation with proven partnerships

Our ArubaEdge partners share our vision of integrated solutions for mobile and IoT innovation that can help you with a competitive edge. Learn how to leverage your network to go beyond connectivity and deliver best experiences and outcomes.

Related products for retail network solutions

Smarter, more secure networks start with these products.

Wireless Access Points

  • Boost IT, user, and IoT experiences with enterprise connectivity that’s simple, fast, and secure
  • Indoor and outdoor options available
Aruba Central screen featuring UXI-enabled metrics

Performance Assurance

  • Preempt shopper complaints with an easy-to-deploy solution
  • Test any application on any store, warehouse, or distribution center network
Location analytics screen

Location Services

  • Understand shopper and store insights and drive better outcomes with location services
  • All built into your location-ready Aruba wireless network

Aruba Zero Trust Security

  • Know what’s connected to your network
  • Use identity and roles to keep shopper, store, and sales traffic separate
  • Dynamically change access privileges based on real-time data

Retail SMB Solutions

  • Ensure frictionless shopping experiences with Wi-Fi connectivity for your retail space
  • Provide scalable network solutions that keep customers coming back

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