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HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA

Secure access to all private applications with a modern, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution.

Access private apps without risk

Your modern workplace requires a new approach to securing access to the crown jewels. HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA eliminates complexity and risk by securing private app access for any user and any device from anywhere.

Secure access to any private app

Secure access to modern web apps (including SSH, RDP, Git, and DB) or legacy thick-client apps (like VOIP, ICMP, and AS400).

Inspect to protect

ZTNA inspects traffic and provides granular visibility so you can see what’s really happening. See who accessed what application, which files were downloaded, what commands were used, and receive immediate alerts on any suspicious behavior.??

Use with or without an agent—you decide

Users can easily access private apps with or without an agent. Our integrations with SSO providers allow effortless access with a simple browser or BYOD.

Ensure least privilege access by default

With identity and policy-based access, users are never placed onto the network, removing the risk of exposing apps, firewalls, or ACLs.

"I would give it [HPE Aruba Networking SSE] an A+ for securing access to our applications, devices, and network. It does an extremely good job. Our security folks have analyzed it and tried to find loopholes, but they found none."

Robert Oglesbee, Solution Architect at Visionworks of America

“What we like about Axis [HPE Aruba Networking] is that it's easy to use Zero Trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to resources, give security teams the visibility needed, and ensure that we can easily scale to support our modern workplace. Now, even as we embrace the cloud, we can still ensure our data is always accessed safely.”

Joshua Danielson, CISO, Copart

“I am excited to work with Axis [HPE Aruba Networking] on defining our next-generation Secure Service Edge.”

Tom Parker, VP of IT & CISO, Kayak

Experience the true value of Zero Trust

Modernize access to private applications with HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA.

Fast, simple access for users and IT

Define access rights for private apps in just minutes by using simple policy tags, and leverage smart routing to amplify performance and improve user experience.

Support all private apps now

Provide secure access to legacy apps (like VOIP, ICMP, and AS400) and web apps (agentless), and any additional apps you deploy or discover in the future.

Adaptive Zero Trust access

Provide per-application, Zero Trust access through user/group pairing, and continuously reassess access rights based on context.

How HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA works

A user attempts to access a private app

Ensure secure access to major apps—even VOIP and ICMP—and support client or clientless access.

SSE cloud mediates the request

Avoid passthrough connections that lead to risk. Traffic comes straight to the HPE Aruba Networking SSE cloud.

ZTNA service validates identity and policy

Automatically adapt access rights based on changes in context (device posture, location, etc.).

ZTNA securely connects to resource

Make private apps invisible to the Internet, keep users off the network, and deliver a safer connection to SaaS apps.

ZTNA inspects traffic and monitors user experience

Gain visibility into user activity so you’re aware of malicious activity.

How HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA works

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