Visibility and profiling solutions

Eliminate blind spots by increasing the visibility of IoT and endpoint clients.

AI-powered approach to client visibility

With IoT everywhere, you need to go beyond traditional identification and profiling techniques to keep your network secure. Client Insights on Aruba Central delivers:
  • An agentless solution using native infrastructure telemetry
  • ML-based classifications going beyond basic profiling
  • Always-on monitoring providing granular policy enforcement

Bring visibility, control, and peace of mind to enterprise IT

Know what’s on your network

Secure your network from unknown endpoints and activity using the AI-powered visibility in Client Insights. There’s no need for physical collectors or agents.

Identify unknown devices

For environments not managed by Aruba Central, or for those with third-party vendor infrastructure, gain the IoT visibility advantage with ClearPass Device Insight (CPDI).

Apply and enforce policies

Integrate with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to apply role-based access control and enforcement to all discovered and profiled devices.

Enhance network security through Aruba Central

Get full-service AI insights, security, and unified management across your network—all through a single pane of glass.

Automate network operations and enhance Zero Trust protection

Manual approaches become impractical as networks grow in complexity and scale. Aruba Central NetConductor simplifies operations and improves security by providing continuous identity-based access control across network domains.

Protect remote workers and your organization with centralized security policies

With cloud-managed Zero touch provisioning and extension of SD-WAN services and the SASE framework, EdgeConnect Microbranch delivers the same office-like experience and policy-based access control—anywhere, for any device.

Frictionless end-user onboarding and authentication

Cloud Auth on Aruba Central simplifies user onboarding and allows authentication via integrations with common cloud stores such as Google Workspace or Azure Active Directory.

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