Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Resolve complex issues with flexible AI and machine learning tools that lessen the impact on your network, security, and application performance. Save valuable time with automation and early-warning troubleshooting tips.

Learn how HPE Aruba Networking Central is enhanced with generative AI (GenAI).

Why Aruba AI?

As more organizations adopt AI tools to boost efficiency, they’re also experiencing cost savings and IT breakthroughs. You can, too.

24/7 automated insights

Always-on monitoring and anomaly detection that works with your IT team to preempt or quickly resolve issues before they impact the business.

Simple-to-use IT assistance

Natural language search that lets you quickly pinpoint data about specific users, network devices, or sites for faster troubleshooting.

AI that easily spots an imposter

Real-time comparisons that automatically detect if an IoT sensor, camera, or printer deviates from normal behavior for improved security.

AI-powered tools that work with you

With so much going on, it’s time to look at IT automation designed to make your life easier. Old-fashioned tools for IT visibility and remediation are a thing of the past.

AI Search

A GenAI-powered, natural language interface for quick and easy answers to important questions, configuration and troubleshooting tips, and more.?

AIOps dashboard

AI Insights

A built-in set of features within Aruba Central that takes basic monitoring and operations to the next level. AI Insights includes everything from dynamic service level baselining to WLAN, switching, and WAN performance assurance.

AI Assist

Event-driven automation for your toughest problems that triggers the collection of log files and troubleshooting data, while also generating automatic Aruba TAC engagement to cut down on time-consuming analysis.

ClearPass Device Insight screen

Client Insights

With so many new and emerging IoT devices being built using standard hardware and software platforms, it’s getting harder to tell them apart. Advanced AI/ML helps you really see what’s on your network.


Roaming within a facility is tricky, so why not use AI/ML to help clients stay connected to the best access points (APs) possible? ClientMatch ensures your APs work with connected clients to provide the best possible experience.

Incident Detection

AI feature within User Experience Insight that consolidates alerts associated with incidents related to client level connectivity and application performance. Real-time awareness for any environment.

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