Location-powered Applications

Engage with users in new ways by getting more value from mobile devices via location-powered apps. Aruba leads the way with indoor turn-by-turn directions, proximity-based notifications, and asset tracking.

Enhance existing apps or build a new one

All managed from the cloud.

Scalable, cloud-based management

Managing your apps for mobile engagement and asset tracking has never been easier. The Meridian software platform offers access from anywhere. It includes visibility, analytics, and the scale needed to support any deployment - from one building to large public venues.

Easily build new applications

When it comes to easy-to-use mobile apps, we know what it takes. With Aruba's SDK, a wide range of flexible options ensure that your mobile app satisfies your users’ location needs on both iOS and Android devices.

Make your app location-aware

Aruba bridges the gap between a physical and digital world to take your app to the next level. Blue dot and asset tracking connect items around you, while proximity-based notifications mean you can inform or promote from any location.

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