As a main leading sales agent in the Italian market . . .

. . . we work practically problem free due to a careful customer selection. IFP guarantees excellent market coverage, punctual payments and no unjustified claims. We make over 1000 customer visits per year.

IFP has a 25 year reputation in Italy and world markets. We strive for honest and longterm business relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Italy, a large market, is 80% import dependent, buying over 20 million m3 of wood products per year. Italy buys always, in good or bad markets.

Italy also can be a risky market if you do not watch out to whom you sell. IFP makes a careful selection who to sell to. We would rather avoid a sale rather than make a risky one which results in you spending a lot of time and money. We leave these customers to our competition!

IFP represents a wide selection of non competing producers of wood products around the world, finding the best opportunity and highest value for each producer. Therefore, we offer our customers an excellent selection of most valuable products and services, often with just-in-time shipments. We are proud to have a very good and honest customer base - they are very good partners for a long term working relationship and friendship.


Market information Italy:

From our sales office, located only 20 minutes from the Rome airport, we make more than 20 personal customer visits per day, offering a variety of non competing quality products from good producers world wide.

Market structure Italy:

  • 60 million inhabitants, in the heart of the Mediterranean
  • Political situation: stable in its instability (50 governments in 45 years)
  • Economical situation:
    • GDP + 2 %
    • inflation 2 %
    • positive balance of trade
    • unemployment: officially 10 %, but :
      • 1/3 is hard core unemployed (= does not want to work)
      • 1/3 is shifting jobs and likes one month or more vacation
      • 1/3 does not want to consider other areas than those studied and lack of mobility inhibits them
  • Wood sector:
  • wood consumption is 35 million m3 per year

(14.8 MMM bf)

  • 80 % has to be imported. In good or bad markets Italy always has to import.
  • imports:
    • hardwood 3.900.000 m3, or 1.6 MMM bf
    • softwood 6.800.000 m3, or 2.9 MMM bf

We can give you detailed information per country if you wish.

Italy has 90,000 companies in the wood products sector, employing 450,000 people, that is an average of only 5 employees per company: thus a very fragmented industry. There are basically very few large lumber consuming industries, mainly very small to medium size users/artisans.

This means that the distribution sector is very important, selling single packages of lumber deep into the market (with extended payment terms and credit risks).

IFP sells to the large distributors and the larger industries.


You want to sell in Italy?

Italy can be a risky market, one has to be careful in the selection of customers. IFP has always excellent market and industry information, because we are in Italy, visiting the industry, trade fairs, exhibitions and reading trade bulletins and publications for continued up-dated information. Thus, IFP has the ability to select sound customers and rather avoid risky sales which may result in financial loss and wasted time and expenses. By providing a wide variety of species, our regular customers don't have to look anywhere else for supply. Therefore each of IFP's individual producers benefits from this position, which would be difficult for them to obtain on their own.

Most claims and complaints can be avoided by regular visits to the supplying mills to develop a clear understanding of required specifications and potential opportunities as well as checking quality before shipment. Many customer complaints/claims often disappear with an immediate visit and technical inspection to verify whether a claim is justified or not.

IFP is open 5 days a week from 8:30 am until 7:00 pm. Please send us a letter, E-mail, fax or phone us.

We sell wood products used in the following market segments:


We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul De Regt
Managing Director